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Did you know that we aren't a manufacturing company?? Crazy right?!?! Read below to find out who we are, what we do and why we do it!

Hi there! Dale here to give you a little background picture of who/what Dale's Quails is and why we do it. First and foremost.. we are NOT a large opperation, we are not experts in pretty well anything besides making lots of mistakes and doing our best at learning from them..HAHA. Yes, we do design/build quail cage kits and design our own quail supplies but that's just the surface of who we are. We are full time homesteaders..shocking right?! We live in a small town in SE Wisconsin and homestead on a just under an acre of property. Our garage is also our brooding room, wood workshop as well as our equipment workshop. Really it's everything BUT a garage as there is no room for our vehicles. The Dale's Quails team consists of myself, my better half Bonnie and our three littles. Bonnie does all the wire and box cutting, pre-packaging of the supply bags and the office stuff, I take care of the designing, building, assembling, packaging/shipping and handle a vast majority of communication from our incredble supporters. Our littles handle allot of the husbandry cleaning, shop cleaning and are currently learning to use some of the tools. Yes, some of the holes drilled and wire stapled in your orders were done by a 3 year old farmer dude (homeschooling is great!). We do not have any fancy CNC machines, assembly lines or our own shipping company but we do have passion, integrity and motivation. 

On our property we have quail, rabbits, chickens, turkeys,a duck, goats and pigs. 4,500 sqr ft main garden, many fruit trees as well as smaller beds for livestock food. We produce almost 90% of what our family eats a year right here on our property combined with hunting,fishing and foraging. In the winter we utalize hydroponics to keep the fresh food flowing through the subzero months. Our front yard is a community herb and vegtable garden for all to enjoy at no cost. We believe in giving more than we take, especially from our local community. We also sponsor the school's community garden, have kids in 4H as well as volunteer for many community events. We host free processing workshops, and do on-site consulations for permaculture and garden planning. Our passion is to help teach and motivate others to be more self reliant. 

While we absolutely love supplying so many people with afforadable and fairly decent quail cages, our passion lies with teaching others this livestyle. We do our best to limit ordering, keeping us under or around 2 week lead times, but sometimes things come up. Supply delays, equipment maintenance, rough lumber, much time spent on animal husbandry ha, gardening and sometimes we just need a family day.

Thanks for reading and checking out our site! Please don't hesiate to reach out anytime and not just about quail. We are always happy to help anyone on their journey!

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