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1 Week $2


Our chicks are available starting 3 days after they hatch for pick-up and delivery only. Quail chicks are quite fragile and require a steady 99-degree temperature for the first week then reducing the temp 5 degrees every couple of days until it matches the ambient temperature around them. The quail will also let you know what they need by grouping themselves together under the heat source( they are cold) or by staying away from the heat (too hot). Ideally, you want to see the quail walking around freely in the brooder with the choice to warm up if they need.

2 week $3

By their 2nd week, quails colors will really shine through. Now it is safe to remove rocks/marbles from the waterer if that is what was used. They can be transported a bit easier now as they have a good base of feathers but mailing is not ideal and we do not recommend it. You can start to raise/turn down the heat source of the brooder. We like to see the quail running around normally throughout the entire brooder, letting us know that the temp is good for them.

3 week $4

3-week old quail should be roaming freely around the brooder. This is when we introduce our DIY no-waste feeders as they like to explore and pick up on them quickly. We've noticed during these next 2 weeks that they really like to try out their new flight feathers that they have or soon will. This is where the height rules are important. We choose 2ft-6ft, meaning the ceiling of the brooders and pens are either under 2ft or over 6ft. This will keep them from hurting themselves or allow them to fly, rather attempt, like a chicken when spooked.

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